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There are a number of ways in which you can use Blue Chip Bridge if you are self-isolating against Covid-19.  In the suggestions below, “distance players” means your friends and/or fellow bridge-club members who have Blue Chip Bridge on their computers and against whom you would like to play or to compare your results.  All of the features mentioned are explained in more detail in the relevant Blue Chip Bridge Help topic(s) within the program.

1.   One player, one home computer, no distance players.  Play against Blue Chip Bridge as you would normally. 


2.   Two players, one home computer, no distance players.  Either play normal bridge (or any of the other modes, such as bidding practice or endplay problems) as one player together against the computer.


3.   Two players, one home computer, no distance players.  Play a team match as a pair against the computer.  Or maybe each of you takes a turn and plays alternate boards.


4.   Two players, two home computers, no distance players.  Use Blue Chip Bridge Table Manager to play a match as a networked pair against the program, either in Team Match mode or in Matchpoint Challenge mode.


5.   As 1, 2 or 4 (not 3), but with distance players.  One player generates a set of boards and emails the pbn file to the others.  Then everyone plays the same set of boards in the same mode and in the same configuration (e.g. seats, robot opponents’ conventions, playing speed, etc.).  One player acts as scorer to collate, compare and publish the results.

6.   One or two players with one or two home computers, competing against several distance players. Use the program's Matchpoint Challenge feature to play what would be effectively a matchpoint contest with the other players, either as a single player or as a home networked pair. One of you selects a match from BridgeWebs, which you all play against the program in the same configuration (see above). All of you then compare your rankings. You shouldn't of course cheat by looking at the travellers !

7.   One or two players with one or two home computers, playing against one or two distance players.  Single human players are partnered by the program, two humans in the same location play as a pair. Use Table Manager to set up a match over the internet. Please note that configuring this setup to work over the internet is technically more difficult than operating on a home network and may require some computer expertise.

Keep well !