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Free demonstration version of Blue Chip Bridge

You can download a free demonstration version of Blue Chip Bridge as a compressed zip file.

The download package is about 2MB and contains five compressed files :

    -  Blue_Chip_Bridge_Demo.exe
    -  Blue_Chip_Bridge.chm
    -  Demo.tut
    -  DemoEndPlay.tut

Extract the files into a folder of your choice.  If you already have an earlier version of Blue Chip Bridge on your computer, make sure that you unzip the files into a different folder.  From your Start menu, select Run and point to Blue_Chip_Bridge_Demo.exe.

Some of the features of the full program have been omitted and the number of deals has been limited.

However, the Help file is the same as supplied with the full Blue Chip Bridge package, so you can browse it for further information about the program's additional features.

The demonstration program is not time-limited, and it does not make any changes to your desktop, Start menu or Windows Registry.

To remove the demonstration files from your computer, delete the five files from the folder in which you have installed them.

The demonstration is provided without liability and for evaluation purposes only.  It may not be re-published or re-distributed further.

We do not offer any user support for the demonstration version of Blue Chip Bridge.